Whether your planning a wedding, private party, or corporate event, our facility is built to cater to your every need. Enjoy the rich history of the venue, and its simple southern charm at your next event!


When the King of England owned all of the unoccupied land in America, he decided to grant plots of land to families to be lived on. The plot that later became the Plantation, was given to Sir Houston in the early 1850’s. Houston built a modest home on the land, and lived there with his Wife, who is rumored to be from the Texas territory. Many years passed, until a soldier of the Civil War was traveling down a dirt road (modern day Langtree Rd) named Henry Mott passed by on horse. Mott loved the home, and swore to live here with his family after the war. After the war, Mott went back to Pennsylvania and studied medicine, eventually graduating with a degree, that hangs in the house today.

Henry Mott kept his word, and moved to the plantation with his wife and kids. His family needed more space, so he built onto the back...

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When you have your event at Langtree Plantation, there are three completely unique buildings for your guests to enjoy at your event. Starring a 6,000 square-foot pavilion, fully equipped with audio visual, restrooms, and a catering kitchen, your every need is sure to be met! Enjoy our one-of-a-kind boulder room, and our rustic barn to compliment your event.

Our property is private, but we offer tours seven days a week upon appointment!





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"Langtree Plantation is one of the most beautiful properties I have ever been too! The owner is so passionate about this property and his attention to detail is unmatched! Langtree Plantation is the first place I think of when planning any event!"

Bride at Langtree

"This venue had all of my guests still talking weeks later. We had our weddding during the fall, and the scenary made my whole event feel cozy. The staff was so helpful before and during my event it made everything go by so smooth! I would reccomend to anyone 10/10!"

Bride at Langtree

"We had our wedding ceremony outside behind the house, and it was a dream come true! The staff was super helpful and went above and beyond to make sure I wasn't stressed. It's ovbiosu the owner loves this place, and it's sure to be a day I will not forget!"

Bride at Langtree