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The History of Langtree Plantation

Back when the King of England owned all of the unoccupied lands in America, he decided to grant plots to families to be lived on. The plot that later became the Plantation, was given to Sir Houston in the early 1850s. Houston built a modest home on the land and lived there with his wife, who is rumored to be from the Texas territory. Many years passed until a soldier of the Civil War was traveling down a dirt road (modern-day Langtree Rd) named Henry Mott. Mott loved the plantation house so much, he swore to live here with his family after the war. Once the war let out, Mott went back to Pennsylvania to study medicine, eventually graduating with a degree, that hangs in the house today.

Henry Mott kept his promise and moved to the plantation with his wife and kids. His family needed more space so he built onto the back, the upstairs, and added an outdoor patio to the house. In the years to come, Mott built the boulder room to act as an open-air garage, and the barn to house the animals. While his family lived at the plantation, Mott studied and practiced out of Davidson College, just a few minutes down the road at the time.

When Dr. & Ms. Mott passed away, one of their sons, Harry Mott, married and lived in the plantation house himself. Many years passed, and Harry passed away as well, leaving the plantation to the wife. She lived in the house for many years, eventually selling it to the Malz in the late 1900s. The Malz lived in the home for many years as well, until eventually selling it to local developer Rick Howard.

Rick Howard loved the property, and after being flooded with requests to hold weddings on the property, Rick used his talents in real estate development, to develop the property into a premier wedding venue, while not disturbing the history of the property.

Since, Rick has spent day after day taking careful care of the property. Growing up in the area, the venue acts as his way of preserving the Langtree he knew growing up. In 2018, Langtree Plantation won Lake Normans Best Wedding Venue.