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Frequently Asked Questions

As time goes on, we realize these questions always come up!

Can I bring in my favorite caterer?

Our venue wants your event to be spectacular, just like you do. We’ve had experience with so many caterer's, and have seen everything from flawless to disaster. We have three preffered caterer's, and any others must receive approval from Langtree Plantation staff.

Will the house be open during my event? What are the rules of the house?

The house will be available to bridesmaids and the wedding party on the day of any wedding here at Langtree Plantation. However, once the ceremony starts, the house will be closed for cleaning. Nancy, a staff member, is always present in the house and can help with any questions or concerns.

Does the barn have air conditioning?

The barn has fans throughout, and large barn doors that are available to open. If the weather during your event is extreme, commercial fans and space heaters are available to rent.

I'm having my wedding outside behind the house, what happens if it rains?

Our amazing team is always keeping an eye on the weather on the day of your event. If your wedding is scheduled for the lawn behind the house and it rains, we would never force your ceremony in the rain. We can wait it out, or we will simply move your ceremony to the covered barn, or the covered boulder room!

I'm getting married in the barn, will there be cars parked right outside the front of it?

During every wedding, we have parking attendants assisting cars to their spots before and after the event. We do this to avoid any crashes, confusion, and also maximize the use of our parking lot. For weddings in the barn, we easily can park the cars along the sides of the barn upon request.

Will there be other events going on while I'm having my event?

When you rent our venue for a wedding, you're renting the entire property. There will be no other events going on, so your guests can enjoy just yours. We encourage guests (not unoccupied children!) to wander around the property and And enjoy it for all of it's beauty!